To ensure your safety and ease of Consular transactions in accordance with the  security measures for government offices in the US, we wish to remind you of  the following:

1. Before travelling to the Consulate, make sure to have the complete requirements including sufficient number of photocopies of your documents.

2. Only applicants are allowed inside the Consulate premises EXCEPT the  following applicants who can only be accompanied by one (1) person:

  • Those with obvious physical disability;
  • Those unable to read or write;
  • Applicants over the age of 65 AND with obvious physical disability OR unable to read or write; and
  • Applicants under the age of 18.

      Those accompanying applicants not covered by the exceptions above should proceed to the nearby mall or restaurants. Loitering inside the building is strictly prohibited.

3. Keep your cell phones and other mobile devices off or in silent mode. If you need to use your phone or mobile device, please proceed to the hallway nearest  the Consulate and talk in a soft, quiet voice.

4. Cameras and other recording devices are prohibited within the premises.

5. Applicants with service dogs are required to put on their dogs a service dog vest and/or present upon entry a service dog certification.

6. Food, chewing gum, or drinks are prohibited within the Consulate premises. If your medical condition requires fluid or food intake, inform the security or the hall officer prior to entering the Consulate premises.

7. Help us keep the premises clean at all times by throwing your trash in the  nearest trash bins.

8. Restrooms are located outside the Consulate premises. Kindly look for the signs for directions or ask the security or hall officer. Keep the restrooms clean.

9. Follow the other instructions of the security guard or hall officer in order to    maintain the orderliness of the Consulate. The applicant and/or companion who  acts disrespectful or disorderly to fellow applicants, companions or  Consulate personnel will be asked to leave AND REFUSED SERVICE. 

Thank you for your cooperation.