Tips for Stress-Free Consulate Transactions

  • Check the website if the consular service you need can be done without going to the Consulate. There are consular services that can be done without going to the Consulate such as notarials , visa and civil registry  . Passport and Dual Citizenship (RA 9225) applications require personal appearance. You can also check when is the next consular outreach near you    .
  • Completely fill up and print your forms at home. To save time, please check this website to download all your needed forms. All our forms are PDF-fillable — so please make sure your computer has software (example: Acrobat Reader) that will allow you to open, type and print the forms. Make sure all the forms are completely filled up before printing and taking it with you to the Consulate.
  • Prepare and bring all required documents, include photocopies.  Please check our website as all our consular services has its own set of requirements to know exactly what the requirements are. Use the website’s search function to locate what service you need. If you cannot locate the service you need despite the search, contact us by sending an email to the correct section. Due to the volume of questions we receive, allow us ten (10) working days from receipt of your email to answer your question/s.
  • Come appropriately attired to the Consulate. We strongly discourage applicants from coming dressed in skimpy outfits, shorts, sandos/sleeveless/see through shirts or slippers/flipflops or have facial piercings.
  • Bring the correct amount of money. Currently, the Consulate only accepts cash, cashiers check or US Postal Money Orders. Applications cannot be processed until the required fee is paid. The schedule of fees of each service can be found at the website.
  • No need to bring your friends or relatives if they are not applying.  The Consulate’s hall is limited only to the applicants. In case that an applicant needs an assistant, the applicant is limited to one (1) person who can assist.
  • Begin early in the day.  With over one million Filipinos within its jurisdiction, expect a lot of people like you seeking consular services. Based on experience, our busiest days are Mondays, Fridays, the day after the long holiday weekend and during the school break. The daily peak hours are from 10 am to 3pm. The Consulate has a first come first served policy until we announce an appointment system for our specific services. Check our Consular Service Hours here.
  • Follow the additional instructions of the security and hall officer.  Please read this consulate advisory carefully.  The Philippine Consulate is a government office just like any Federal Agency, State Office  or Foreign Service Post; as such, there are things that need to be done (or avoided) to maintain the safety, security and convenience of everyone concerned.

We hope that being guided by these tips, we can all have a relatively easy and stress free transaction all the time with the Consulate.

Maraming Salamat Kababayan!