Notarization Appointment (Including NBI Clearance)


  1. Pick from the calendar below, the date and time with WHITE BACKGROUND AND BLUE TEXT.

    • The time indicated in the appointment calendar is the APPROXIMATE starting time of the process.  This includes registration and wait times and does not guarantee delivery of service on the exact time selected.  The times are given for mainly to organize clients into batches. 

    • GRAY BACKGROUND   = No slots available. Don’t pick.

    • RED BACKGROUND     = No slots available. Don’t pick. 

    • WHITE BACKGROUND AND GRAY TEXT = No slots available. Don’t pick.
    • If the date or time is unclickable, then it is unavailable.
  1.  An applicant(s) only needs one appointment slot regardless of the number of documents to be signed.

    • For example: A person or group of people needs to sign three documents: Deed of Sale, General Power of Attorney and Affidavit, etc. at the same time.  They just need one appointment slot.

  2.  One transaction only needs one appointment slot regardless of the number of signatories.

    • For example: Seven people need to sign a Special Power Attorney.  They just need one appointment slot.

  3. After choosing an appointment slot, fill up the Personal Information Form below.

    • Make sure all items provided are correct, especially your email address.

    • For one-applicant-one slot:  applicant fills up the Personal Information Form and writing N/A in “Other Signatories to Notarization”

    • For one transaction-one slot: applicant fills up the Personal Information Form  and puts the full names of the other signatories going to the Consulate in “Other Signatories to Notarization”

  4. Upon completion of the Personal Information Form, tick off the boxes and click SUBMIT.

  5. A confirmation email with additional instructions will be sent to the email address you provided. Please check your inbox, spam or junk mail regularly.

Taken Slot:              RED BACKGROUND AND BLUE TEXT

NOTE: Multiple appointments taken under the SAME NAME AND BIRTHDATE will be DELETED to free up slots for other applicants. Only the earliest date of appointment shall be retained per name.

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