Brief History of the Consulate

The Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles was established in March 1947 as an extension office of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco.  It was headed by Vice Consul MARCELO T. BONCAN, a former member of the Philippine House of Representatives and Superior Court Judge.  He served as Vice Consul, and subsequently as Consul, until his death in July 1948.

Consul Boncan was succeeded by Consul SOFRONIO V. ABRERA, a wartime guerilla leader and former Philippine Assembly member who was previously assigned as trade assistant of the Philippine Consulate General in New York.  Mr. Abrera was a Consul in Los Angeles until his assignment as Philippine Consul General in Chicago in 1954.

In October 1955, during the term of Consul General PEDRO G. RAMIREZ, the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles was elevated to a Consulate General by then President Ramon Magsaysay.   The Philippines was the seventeenth Consulate to elevate the status of its mission in Los Angeles, after Great Britain, Japan, Canada, France, China, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand and Costa Rica.

The Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles is presently headed by Consul General EDGAR B. BADAJOS. [click here for Consul General’s Profile]

Below is a complete list of Philippine Consuls General in Los Angeles since 1954:

Head of Post Year
HON. ARMANDO C. FERNANDEZ Jul 1977- May 1985
HON. LEOVIGILDO A. ANOLIN Jul 1985- Nov 1988
HON. LEONIDES T. CADAY Dec 1988 – Jan 1990
HON. VICTOR D.G. GARCIA III May 1990 – Jul 1993
HON. EMMANUEL C. FERNANDEZ Aug 1994 – Jun 1995
HON. JOSUE L. VILLA Aug 1995 – Aug 2000
HON. EDWIN D. BAEL Aug 2000 – Mar 2002
HON. MARCIANO A. PAYNOR, JR. Sep 2002 – Jan 2006
HON. WILLY C. GAA Jan 2006 – Jul 2006
HON. MARY JO A. BERNARDO ARAGON 14 Feb 2007 – 30 Sep 2012
HON. MARIA HELLEN M. BARBER-DE LA VEGA 30 Oct 2012 – 11 Mar 2014
HON. LEO M. HERRERA-LIM 23 April 2014 – 30 June 2016
HON. ADELIO ANGELITO S. CRUZ 28 July 2016 to 31 Jan 2021
HON. EDGAR B. BADAJOS 06 Apr 2021 to Present

Since 1947, the Philippine Consulate General has had several locations in Los Angeles:

Year Location
1947-1952 355 South Broadway Ave., Los Angeles
1953-1967 448 South Hill St., Los Angeles
1967-1974 3075 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90005
1975-1987 3250 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90010
1987-1995 3460 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90010
1995-2003 3660 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90010
2003-2015 3600 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90010
2015-Present 3435 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 550, Los Angeles 90010